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This morning, you woke up so fucking horny. You must have had a naughty dream or something, because when you opened your eyes, your pussy was wet and buzzing with need. Before you started sleeping with Jill and Jack, you sometimes would masturbate to get yourself to sleep, but these two have awakened something alive and primal inside you. You can’t wait and you reach over and stroke Jill’s cheek, lean in and your lips graze her beautiful lips. Just that sensation of her lips on yours makes you want it. Jill stirs and her eyes open, then kisses you back, her mouth opening and her tongue slips into your mouth. Before Jill, you hadn’t considered being with a woman, but now the brush of her lips, her big, firm breasts against yours, the taste of her pussy, oh god it turns you on. Jill leans down and kisses your neck and you whisper, “Oh Jill, I want it so bad.” Jill is still kissing your neck and saying “How bad?” You stretch your neck into her kiss. “Real bad, Jill, I want it really bad.” You can feel her smile on your neck as she says, “Okay, but you’re going to have to beg for it.” Mmmm, this is going to be good. Jill says “What do want, baby, do you want me to suck on your tits?” Oh yeah, Jill’s mouth sucking your nipples. You say, “Please Jill, please suck my tits, suck them hard,” but she moves in a different direction. “You have to earn it, you have to show me how bad you want it. Suck on my tit, show me what you want.” You take one of Jill’s breasts and swirl your tongue around the nipple, making it stiff. Jill says “I don’t hear you begging. I don’t hear how bad you want it.” Now you suck her nipple for a moment, then pull back and say, “Oh Jill, I want you to suck my tits, just like this Jill, oh fuck I want you so bad,” and you suck even harder. By now Jack is awake, watching you two. He takes his fingers and rolls one of your nipples between his fingers. “What do you think Jill, does she want it bad enough?” Jill says “I’m not sure if she wants it bad enough.” You say, “Oh Jill, how can I show you how bad I want it?” Jill pulls away and opens her legs. “Ooh, you need to convince my pussy, baby,” so you get on your hands and knees and begins to lick her slit. She is already wet and your tongue makes her wetter. “I don’t hear you begging, do you really want it that bad?” Jill is saying looking down at your head between her legs. You stop with your licking for a moment and say, “Oh Jill, please. I want it so bad, I want to be your little fuck toy, please I want it so bad.” Jack is behind you and he spreads your knees apart and his fingers slide up your slit until he is massaging your clit. Oh fuck, you are so horny, just his touch there is making you want to cum so bad. “Mmmfmph” you say, your mouth still buried in Jill’s pussy. Your tongue is licking hard and fast on her clit and you can hear her breathing getting short and ragged. “Does she want it Jack?” Jill says and Jack replies, “Oh yeah, her clit is so ready for you…wait, let me check something” and he slides two fingers inside you, ooohhh fucking A that feels good. “Oh Jill, she is so swollen and tight” You are losing a little of your concentration on Jill as you feel Jack’s cock find your slit, then slowly ease all the way in. Oh god, the stretch of your pussy around Jack, your core is so turned on, he is so deep, oh fuck. Your mouth is still in Jill’s pussy when he pulls all the way out. What?? No, no, put it back in, oh fuck please, you are thinking. You say pull back and plead, “Oh fuck, can’t I have it, please??” Jack says, “What do you want? Do you mean this?” and he whacks your clit with his rock hard shaft. “Or do you want this?” Jill says as she reaches down and begins to play with your nipple. You are losing concentration, your mind is fuzzy with desire. All you can get out at this point is “Please, yes, please.” Jack takes his cock and puts in back in you, but only an inch in then back out. NNNOOO, you brain, screams, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME DEEP. Your mouth is on autopilot, Jill’s pussy juice all over your lips and cheeks, when Jill pulls her hips back. “Jack” she says “pull her on her back” you don’t have much coordination as Jack pulls you up to a sitting position, then on your back. Jill puts her head between your legs and takes a lick, “Is this what you want?” You want it so bad that you say over and over, “Please lick me Jill, please , oh please.” Jill’s tongue is licking your clit, and Jack is plucking your nipples. “Oh fuck, please do me,” you moan. Jill is now on her hands and knees, sucking your clit and Jack moves behind Jill and mounts her from behind. Jill’s gasp as Jack big cock enters her transmits to your pussy. Jill’s head is bobbing up and down a bit as Jack rams her from behind. Jill sucks your clit into her mouth and flicks your clit with her tongue. “Oh fuck, please Jill, more, more, FUUUCCCCKKK” you explode in Jill’s mouth. The intense orgasms fires up your belly, through your chest, into your brain. Jill keeps licking and licking, while you can only moan and scream out, “Oh fuck, Jill, keep going!” Oh god, it feels so good, then Jill stops…and Jack cock thrusts inside you. FFUUUCCCKKK, your body is clenching and the orgasm keeps coming in waves with each thrust, oh fuck, Jack’s cock is flexing and spurting and oh shit, your body is on fire from the incredible rush over and over and over….

When the orgasms subside, your body, your pussy are buzzing, are vibrating. Jill has you in her arms, kissing your lips again and Jack is pressed up against your back. Your body still twitches from the encounter and you let yourself drift back to sleep in their arms. 

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